Plague Inc: Scenario Creator App Reviews

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If you really want to make your own scenario and take a few test runs to figure everything out it can be REALLY COOL! I love it! I made my own scenario called TAC Virus where cats turn into wild cats easily! Try it I dare ya!

Great, but needs better accessibility

How about adding a search bar/filter feature for importing traits and logos? Also there are some traits from the base game and expansion plagues that can't be imported yet, I wonder if its possible to include those?

Very good

No glitches very fun gameplay the i app purchases are way to expensive but I don't care cus it's an amazing game

Useful expansion engine but...

This app is the best mobile expansion app! There are a few mess ups though... When I try to create government actions I have to delete all of them to completely make my OWN thing. After I do so, it doesn't work because of the commands in events. So after I do that the events are activated by the setting so I change that and there is still some other problems with that. Otherwise it's awesome! Great setting, no limits, and more! AWSOME!

how do you play your plague

the title


Greatest game ever

Great but has a few kinks

I think it is a great that I can develop my own disease. However when I edit the shadow plague I can't change the vampire symbol from the Celtic cross symbol, also the vampire flight speed doesn't change no matter what value I put in. Additionally I thought it would be cool to add more/ my own active abilities to shadow and necro plagues instead of changing the original ability. It'd also be pretty cool if the disease colors (Purple for shadow, black for necro etc.) could be changed and edited. Thanks for the cool app to plague inc though.

Just love

Is godlike m8

Get the app

Get this app if you have plague Inc. you won't regret it

One of the best "games" on the App Store!

A great extension for the main game! You can still use the dlc plagues without having to purchasing them, but you won't get progress or achievements for anything made from this creator, which is a good thing! Testing out the dlc plagues using this app made me find out how much I was missing out on and quickly whipped out my wallet for the plague pack, scenario pack, and the unlimited downloads upgrade! Highly recommend for anyone who is struggling with a disease type and wants to know exactly how it works, or if they want to create their own custom plague! 10/10!


Way too confusing and didn't work the way it should've

Not easy

If you are looking for easy, this is not for you! It is amazing but I would like to have had more instruction. However if you like creating, give it a try!

Fun addition


I love it but...

It crashes every time I hit test but besides that it's great! I love it

Would someone please explain this to me?

I don't get it.

I have waited a LOOOONG time!

I have waited a long time to play this game.


This is so awesome!

Pretty great!

Some of the variables were a little over my head, but all in all, the ability to create my own scenario is great!

Best expansion pack ever!

This is probably the best expansion pack you guys have ever made!


It's fun but it is a bit complicated


So many thing to do, you'll never want to put it away.


The developers of this game frequently update it and it literally allows you to customize everything you can imagine about your plague! I frequently switch between this app and snapchat and everything I do does not get deleted (after the latest update). I would highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys creating and customizing things. I could play this for hours trying to perfect every detail about my plague!

I just started creating plagues and it seems fun.

I just can't wait to get feedback from my work.

Love It!


Good app, but many bugs

This app is super fun, don't get me wrong. But, there are too many bugs. I spent 2 days on something, and it said that I saved it. I pressed the save button. It didn't save. This app also crashes a lot. Please fix this


Had to rate

Wonderful App, Can Always Improve

I think that the scenario creator is wonderful, and have enjoyed testing the scenarios that I create. As with any creative process, you can always me more creative. I think it would be really cool if you could add custom bubbles to the game. These bubbles could have their own special effects when popped, or have shorter amounts of time on-screen for better real-time strategy choosing which bubbles to pop if multiple are on the screen for just a second or two. There are many great things to come with this creative app. 5/5

Buggy, but does its job

Note: App autosaves, but exits out of your project if your phone goes to sleep. Editor sometimes "forgets" descriptive text, particularly the description of the second starting pop-up. Scenario creator is powerful, but not particularly simple. The complexity of Plague Inc. guarantees this. The only features I find myself wanting are a button in the government actions tab to make the conditions all necessary, or only one of them necessary, and a larger stock image gallery. Otherwise, if you enjoy playing custom scenarios, you'll likely enjoy making them; worth the price.

Pretty Good, But Needs Work

I really love Plague Inc. and it's one of my favorite games, so I was excited when this scenario creator app finally came out. It's a fun app that lets you come up with your own ideas. However, it's a little too complicated and sometimes erases your work, even though you saved it :( But still, I realize that this is a new app and needs some time before it's 100% perfected. It's a good app and I recommend it, but more updates should come soon.

PrimeAuthority Approved Review 16/06/17

I personally was awaiting this app for quite awhile, I've always wanted to craft my own plague in the game for others, and myself, to use. And despite it only recently having been released, it has some problems that NEED to be addressed and fixed before it will be a solid app. As of right now, I am unable to save any progress I have made in creating a disease. This is a BIG issue. An error will pop up every time, one that seems fit for a computer, since the text is so compact I can barely read it, and the words don't even fit in the box they are suppose to be presented in. I am unaware if this is just happening with me, or if others are experiencing this to. But as of right now, 16JUN17, this bug makes the app completely worthless. As long as this issue continues, it's price might as well be a charge for the name rather than the app. Not being able to save your creations breaks the entire idea of this app, and I can only hope this issue gets around enough for a patch/update to be released. Another issue I have with it is the event creature, it will allow you to create an event, but once you get into editing it, it will not allow you to edit conditions or outcomes. It only allows for creating them. When selecting the new outcome or condition, it would not allow for me to click the edit button to change it. I love the idea of this app, it's nearly everything I could I wanted in this type of app (despite wishing it had more in-depth editing, especially with disease active abilities). However, I'm going to have to give it a single star rating until these app breaking bugs are fixed.

Great Game

Fave game luv it


Still fantastic

Good, but still needs work.

The scenario creator gives a lot of freedom when it comes to creating your own scenario. Once all the bugs are fixed, it will be worthy of a 5 star rating.

I wish I could play others' scenarios

The app is great, but you would expect to be able to play other players' scenarios if you had already bought the Scenario Creator. I'm annoyed that I have to buy the scenarios pack in the original game, when I should have unlocked custom scenarios from the moment I purchased this app.


They sent me a e-mail saying thanks and I said no thank you for making a amazing game

Very Good, But Just A Little Room For Improvement😄

Overall, this app is great! It's looooong overdue, but I absolutely LOVE it!!! There's a wide variety of options you can use to change up your scenario and disease, each more diverse than the last! However, there is just a little bit of room for improvement. The Events Lab is quite confusing, and I can't figure out how to configure the custom events, but that's probably because I've only made one scenario so far. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking for a fun game designing app! 😄😄😄

Good but needs a quick update

Every time I exit the game and come back, the game resets.

It would be awesome

So I created a plague and then pressed save and exit. It didn't save a dang thing....

Pretty good, but

Amazing app for plague inc, but dose it really have to cost money, y tho

Very Neat

I love it I'm having no problems

Amazing game. Just it needs more

This is a amazing game to create a plague and publish it to is just wonderful ,but I think that a few things could be added to make this game so much greater. Like a multi-player option a to fight against another player as one could be the plague the other is the humans and just like the disease they will have traits and with every trait the can increase or decrease the worlds panic level, lethality, severity, infectivity, cure plane control, and even cure progress. Unlike the disease the humans (player 1 or 2) can't see the number of heathy or infected people only the alive or dead ones intel the disease is discovered. For the DNA and cure bubble system it will work that all players can see the DNA and cure bubbles and that if the humans pop a DNA bubble they will gain DNA points and stop the other player from getting that DNA point(s) and will gain cure points to unlock traits for humans the same to be said if they pop a cure bubble. They will also control were the cure planes will go when one shows up and can gain a slight or large boost in certain infected countries (More infected countries gain a larger boost than very little infected countries) someone will have to pop the cure bubble in order for it to return but these planes will come at random and can only be unlocked if the disease is discovered plus if the disease or other player pops the cure bubble the cure rate will slow down slightly. And of course both diseases and humans can have there own custom events to shake this up and make it easier or harder for the player. Another thing the game needs is country control for example a country is at war for land and won there borders will combine so if your disease is in one of the country's at war than they can start to infect the other and the players on the humans side can't start or stop a war it comes at random.

Fun app but time consuming

This custom scenario creator breathed new life into this app. It does take a long time to create your first scenario and learn how to do it properly. Not as user friendly as I would like but "testing" allowed me to fix mistakes. Worth the purchase.


I love plague Inc. I have the board game and play the full version of the video game often. I was really looking forward to creating my own scenerio, and this app came out and it looked great. However when I used it, (and I've used it multiple times for about 20 minutes each time) it almost ALWAYS kicks me out and I lose all my progress. I really didn't want to give up this app so I started saving my progress every 5 minutes. Whenever I leave the app ask the progress I saved is gone and if I'm kicked out it's gone too. Very disappointing. I hope they fix this in the next update.

Very Fun Yet Conplicated

Yep that title says it all

Before creation comes destruction

Finally, a way to release the beast and create my own brand of pandemic

A different league of strategy games

The game this tool is linked with is a strategy puzzle game. This tool is a much more challenging puzzle to figure out. I wish luck to anyone who is new to this. It takes time to plan moves accordingly, so what steps will you take?

Amazing app

I absolutely love this app, how you can create your own scenario as far as your imagination can stretch. However, I have found a bug that is quite annoying. When I shut off my phone with the app on the screen and go back to the app by turning on my phone, the app crashes. Aside from that, this app is amazing and I can't wait to see what inventive creators will bring to Plague Inc. next!


Amazing app, very fun, definitely has my seal of approval. A few glitches however with not saving certain statistics such as vampire flight range and custom events sometimes causing the app to freeze when re-editing one (mine was a vampire related one as well). Keep up the great work!


So far the scenario creator works and you can test it but i cannot publish the scenario because the email verification didn't work and there is no (resend email verification) option

Please fix the crashes

I love the scenario creator. I don't love that it crashes every five minutes. I know it's recent, but I hope this is fixed within a few days.

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