Plague Inc: Scenario Creator App Reviews

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There’s only two things that I could see improved!

Overall, this scenario creator is GREAT. Honestly, now! There’s infinite possibilities! Ony two things I can think of are previews(how much the stat bars are visually affected, including effectiveness) and custom naming(like what the official scenarios do, i.e. sales, happiness, etc) for every gui label, including cure. Scenarios would feel more lively if the game could say ‘Necromorphs’ instead of ‘Zombies’ for something like the Necromorphs scenario, or ‘Things’ for The Thing scenario. (Oh, and maybe editable disease discoveries and zombie/ape-related popups) Hope you’re considering this, it’d do us good to have the same tools as the devs!

Good, but...

It functions as it should, and gives you a wide variety of tools to develop your own scenarios. I am a little disappointed that I can’t play my scenarios, because I didn’t know you had to purchase the Plague Pack or Scenario Pack as well. Additionally there needs to be a more seamless transition between this, and the main game. When I click on the scenario creator within the main game it pops up a message to purchase it. Obviously, I already purchased it.


Totally broken. Refuses to accept changes or record what was input, loses saved information, Totally unacceptable and this app needs really to be removed from the App Store DO NOT PAY MONEY FOR THIS APP.

Great Creator!

This app is great. It takes a little while to get used to how it works and to figure everything out, but everything works smoothly, and I love creating tons of symptoms and transmissions. It also shows you how everything works, and now whenI play, I look at the news and plan accordingly. Never would have thought that all of those seemingly random news articles really did stuff.


I bought this thinking it was the original and I’m out of money so I can’t buy the original game

Good game but...

I would rate this amazing game 5 stars but I can’t upload any of my plagues to the world and when ever I click any of the buttons to upload my phone crashes. 😭😭😭🙏please fix this

So fun

I do not know why people complain about the bugs, I did not experience any errors in loading and such. It is so worth the 3 dollars that I spent on this game.

Love it, but..

I love the app, I really do! But when I spend over an hour on this plague and I “Save and Exit”ed, the plague didn’t save.

5 stars

Great purchase that is definitely worth it and should be paired with all access to plagues inc for best experience, worth the 2.99$

One thing

I made some abilities and transmissions, so I was gonna test them out but even ones with no requirements weren’t there. Please fix this.

Read this

LOVE PLAGE INC ,but I don’t know how to use the senerio creater so can I have a refund or how do I get a refund

I really like the game

I am having a lot of fun using the editor

Not worth $3

It just is not. It is well-made (for the most part), and I got testing to work, and the in-app help is decent, but at the same time, $3 is still too expensive for something that lacks a thorough guide. The in-app help is great if you are the developer of Plague Inc. and know exactly what everything means, and it is also good for quick reference. Yet, it is awful if you know very little about the internal mechanics of the game. In other words, we need an official guide. I would be satisfied if the cost was lower... $1.99 seems reasonable for the amount of work put into the app AFTER you factor in the $0.99 for Plague Inc itself PLUS the additional $2.99 for all the scenarios (which I feel is a bit on the pricey side btw).

Very cool

It's a very fun creator and I am excited to keep working on it. Only thing I have wrong with is the fact that I have no idea how to code so I can't customize my scenarios.

Good but complicated

This is a really cool app… Just know that going into it it's a lot more complicated to create a plague scenario than you think… But still a really cool tool.

Great scenario creator, but there’s a few problems.

This app is great for making scenarios especially when you want to show your creations around the world. However, there’s one issue I keep coming across: saving. Sometimes, I made some progress on my scenario and saved it, but when I get back, some of the data is gone. This frustrates me slightly when I know how much effort I put into it only for some of it to be erased. Because of this, I don’t return to it after a while until I consider coming back to continue. Fix this if you can, but overall it’s a great scenario creator. I do want the idea of uploading images from the internet instead of our photos, but if the idea doesn’t work out, that’s ok.


Over time I saw the true potential of the original game so I decided to buy a DLC and it was amazing I saw scenario creator and realized how much I was missing out on and quickly naught it keep up the amazing app creating ❤️

Good game but....

The only reason I’m writing a bad review because when I am trying to save a scenario there is a glitch to where I usually have to press around 3 times for it to actually save


After I played one round I was hooked and bought most of the downloadable content! Worth getting!

PI: Scenario Creator

I like being able to create my own Plague Inc. scenarios, and find it very fun and easy to use.

Awesome also suggestions

Awesome add-on and all that but here is the suggestions: 1. When posting your scenario it has a version thing built in so you dont have to type it yourself 2. Script lab (a new lab with its own scripting language and even for your sake charge $1.99 to unlock the built in classes!)

Cant Register or Log in to my account

Absolutley love the scenario creator however, it times out every time I try to log in to my account, and does it every time.

Love it

I love the game and this app. I recommend it to all who hates the world! 😈😋🤣

Best Ever

Just Get The DLC DO IT!!!!!

Money back

I want a refund this didn’t even work for me and I did everything it said so I want the money I spent on this back to my account

Good if you have lots of time!

Good but takes a long time!

Won't work

So I went in here after PAYING $2.99 optimistic I thought,finally,that I could create a story and plague.I make my first virus,and guess what.When I trie to test my plague the game crashes.Then when I trie to publish it,the game says"an unexpected error has occurred trie again later" every single time.So I paid $2.99 for a thing to build I can't even see what would be like.That is stupid,that's like saying that you can build a robot but you can't test it or ask other people if it's good or not.


This app adds a whole new dimension to gameplay and I highly recommend it to anyone bored of the main game. However, I would request the option to allow more diverse mutations (transmissions, abilities) within the creator.

No don’t Buy this game

This is a waste of money would like a refund if I get one


It’s been 2 days, deleted almost everything on my iPad, still wont install.


I think this is a great app well worth the money. I wish there was a way to tryout are map before we publish it

Won’t load!!

Every time I try to test my deadly creation and it takes me to the original game, it says it couldn’t load. I never know how my creation would turn out like now, I would really appreciate a bug fix on this.

Easy and fun to see and create your own scenerio

Perfect way to use the community createivity good


If you really want to make your own scenario and take a few test runs to figure everything out it can be REALLY COOL! I love it! I made my own scenario called TAC Virus where cats turn into wild cats easily! Try it I dare ya!

Great, but needs better accessibility

How about adding a search bar/filter feature for importing traits and logos? Also there are some traits from the base game and expansion plagues that can't be imported yet, I wonder if its possible to include those?

Very good

No glitches very fun gameplay the i app purchases are way to expensive but I don't care cus it's an amazing game

Useful expansion engine but...

This app is the best mobile expansion app! There are a few mess ups though... When I try to create government actions I have to delete all of them to completely make my OWN thing. After I do so, it doesn't work because of the commands in events. So after I do that the events are activated by the setting so I change that and there is still some other problems with that. Otherwise it's awesome! Great setting, no limits, and more! AWSOME!

how do you play your plague

the title

Great but has a few kinks

I think it is a great that I can develop my own disease. However when I edit the shadow plague I can't change the vampire symbol from the Celtic cross symbol, also the vampire flight speed doesn't change no matter what value I put in. Additionally I thought it would be cool to add more/ my own active abilities to shadow and necro plagues instead of changing the original ability. It'd also be pretty cool if the disease colors (Purple for shadow, black for necro etc.) could be changed and edited. Thanks for the cool app to plague inc though.

Just love

Is godlike m8

Get the app

Get this app if you have plague Inc. you won't regret it

One of the best "games" on the App Store!

A great extension for the main game! You can still use the dlc plagues without having to purchasing them, but you won't get progress or achievements for anything made from this creator, which is a good thing! Testing out the dlc plagues using this app made me find out how much I was missing out on and quickly whipped out my wallet for the plague pack, scenario pack, and the unlimited downloads upgrade! Highly recommend for anyone who is struggling with a disease type and wants to know exactly how it works, or if they want to create their own custom plague! 10/10!


Way too confusing and didn't work the way it should've

Not easy

If you are looking for easy, this is not for you! It is amazing but I would like to have had more instruction. However if you like creating, give it a try!

Fun addition


I love it but...

It crashes every time I hit test but besides that it's great! I love it

Would someone please explain this to me?

I don't get it.

I have waited a LOOOONG time!

I have waited a long time to play this game.


This is so awesome!

Pretty great!

Some of the variables were a little over my head, but all in all, the ability to create my own scenario is great!

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